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GopherCon 2020


DevOps Events

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#GoVirCon ~ see you online!

What Every Gopher Needs to Know!

Call for Papers/Programming

GopherCon's Call for Papers opened at the beginning of December and closed January 10th. We're excited to share that we received over 160 submissions! We're happy to announce our program has been officially decided and can be found on the Agenda page. We hope you are as pleased with this year's line-up as we are!

The Call for Papers for 2021 will open December 1, 2020. We will post a link on Twitter.

Pre-Conference Workshops

A Pre-Conference Workshop Ticket is only valid on Monday, November 9th or Tuesday, November 10th, with the exception of the two-day pre-conference workshops that will be offered over the course of both days. 

The purchase of a Pre-Conference Workshop Ticket does not include access to the full conference, Wednesday, November 11th - Friday, November 13th, or vice versa. If you wish to attend the full conference, please purchase a Community Ticket or one of the two Promo Tickets listed below in addition to your Pre-Conference Workshop Ticket(s). 

Furthermore, based on the feedback of some of our experienced teachers, we have determined that 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. EST is the best time to offer a Pre-Conference workshop to ensure the largest "live" audience. However, if you are located in a "challenging" time zone or you would like to attend more than one workshop, we will be recording the presentations and emailing them to ticket holders.

Which Ticket Should You Choose?

If you have the means and you are able to support the conference, please consider the One-Time 20% Promo or One-Time 20% Promo, plus Perpetual 10% Promo outlined below. Otherwise, the Community Ticket is a separate purchase from any Pre-Conference Workshop Tickets.


GopherCon awards a limited number of Diversity Fund Scholarships each year to golang users in need. Though we are looking for diversity in both areas of gender and race, we absolutely consider need as well. The scholarship submission process opened at the beginning of December and closed January 8th. We are pleased to announce that we received over 170 applications this year and awarded 47 scholarships! All applicants have been notified of our decision.


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