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October 7-9 | STOCKHOLM
Elevate Your API Game in 2024


Join industry leaders at the Platform Summit, Nordic APIs’ flagship API conference, to elevate your API strategies and craft top-tier, secure API platforms.

Take Your API Platform Strategies to the Next Level

Explore ways to leverage emerging API-first technologies and best practices at Nordic APIs’ Platform Summit. It’s an opportunity to hear from thought leaders on the latest industry trends while connecting with colleagues and meeting new contacts.

More than 60 speakers will gather to share their insights on the challenges and innovations shaping the API industry. The Platform Summit will span both the business and technical aspects of today’s most relevant API topics.

Topics discussed at our API conferences include:

  • API design tips and strategies
  • Case studies of API-first platforms being adopted across industries
  • Technology trends, including REST, GraphQL, EDA, gRPC, and more
  • The role of AI, cloud-native, and emerging trends in the API space
  • Making the most of specifications like OpenAPI and AsyncAPI
  • Innovative techniques and standards for identity management, like OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • Additional ways to secure, test, and monitor APIs
  • Methods to design and scale microservices architectures
  • Enhancing developer experience and refining your documentation
  • Business models and API-first monetization methods
  • Positioning APIs with key developer resources, like SDKs and code samples
  • And much more

Who should attend Nordic APIs events?

The Platform Summit is ideal for API platform architects, API product owners, developers, or executive leaders seeking knowledge as well as inroads into the local and international API community.

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