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Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU could launch in just two weeks – but it’s looking predictably pricey


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Intel’s supposedly inbound Core i9-14900KS processor has been spotted listed at a couple of retailers, and it seems we might see this flagship variant for Raptor Lake Refresh as soon as mid-March.

Wccftech pointed out that the Core i9-14900KS has been listed by a Canadian retailer, DirectDail, and on top of that, a regular hardware leaker (@momomo_us) on X (formerly Twitter) noticed another listing at PC-Canada.

https://t.co/reHgN0skmfIncoming5003-13-2024🤔 pic.twitter.com/5WcV6RFvV8February 27, 2024

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These product listings back up the recent spec leaks – which have been numerous – showing that rumored boost speed of 6.2GHz, and the latter retailer is even more revealing, as it provides a purported launch date.

According to PC-Canada, the Core i9-14900KS will be released on March 13, the week after next.

Prices are provided by both retailers, but we wouldn’t pay much attention to prerelease price tags, as they are often placeholders.

They can give us a rough idea of where the supercharged Raptor Lake Refresh flagship might sit, though, and the 14900KS is pitched at 13% and 17% more expensive than the current price for the 14900K at these two Canadian outlets.

Analysis: Pricing to follow in Raptor Lake’s footsteps?

So, the consensus seems to be the chip will be about 15% more expensive, and given that the 13900KS was 17% more costly than the 13900K in the US going by the launch MSRP, this seems a pretty fair bet. Scatter seasoning liberally, as ever, but it looks like the 14900KS will follow the same pricing pattern as the last-gen family from Intel, Raptor Lake.

Rumors have previously floated the idea of a March launch, and so the mentioned March 13 date again backs up chatter on the grapevine. Mind you, the suggestion was more of a later in March release, but that could still happen – whatever the case, the overall vibe is that we’re getting the 14900KS soon enough.

Although that said, one YouTube leaker has cast doubt on whether we might have to wait beyond March – and whether stock might be very thin on the ground when the 14900KS does arrive.

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