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Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake has a new trailer, but still no release date

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Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake has received a brand new trailer, which is missing the piece of information that fans have been arguably most keen to find out - the release date.

Ever since the Silent Hill 2 remake was unveiled in October 2022, details have been rather light on the ground. Late last November, Bloober reassured fans that production was “progressing smoothly” and “in accordance with our schedule,” but asked fans for “a bit more patience” when it came to revealing more information. Well, we finally have some - during the PlayStation State of Play event yesterday (January 31), new in-game footage was shown off, with a significant focus on combat. You can take a look below.

In the footage, we can see protagonist James Sunderland thwacking baddies with wooden planks, shooting at foes, and struggling up close and personal with particularly menacing enemies. As you’d expect, the footage also gives glimpses at more of the game’s environments, too. 

As mentioned at the top of this article, though, Silent Hill fans still haven’t been given any indication as to when they can expect the remake to be released. However, they didn’t leave the State of Play empty-handed - Konami also announced a brand new short-form game titled Silent Hill: The Short Message, which is free to download and play on PlayStation 5 right now. It’s said to be a more “modern Silent Hill” with contemporary problems, specifically focusing on “how modern youth communicate online and through phones” and the impact of hate on social media.  

The Short Message aside, fans will just have to watch this space for more news on Silent Hill 2, which will hopefully live up to the expectations of nostalgic players. Rest assured, though, that Konami previously confirmed that a Best Buy listing, which suggested the remake would include a Pyramid Head origin story, was inaccurate. In a statement sent to TechRadar Gaming at the time, Konami confirmed that “Best Buy had the incorrect information included in the listing and that the page has been updated correctly.” 

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