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Building a CI/CD pipeline for cross-account deployment of an AWS Lambda API with the Serverless Framework

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Modern-day applications that reside on AWS have several distinct environments and accounts, such as dev, test, and staging. An application has to go through an elaborate process of deployment and testing in these environments before reaching its final destination. To achieve automated deployment of the application across different environments, you must use CI/CD pipelines.

Different DevOps models have been proposed that depict how a CI/CD pipeline deploys and promotes an application from one environment to another. In a typical model, pipelines are locally situated in each AWS account where deployment needs to happen. This post, however, focuses on a different model, in which CI/CD pipelines reside in a central AWS account called tools, and carry out deployments across other AWS accounts. This model has several advantages:

  • All pipelines are now located in a centralized account, which consolidates the security controls and grants increased visibility.
  • The AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permission model is greatly simplified because the pipelines can now share common IAM roles and policies. In addition, there is a clear demarcation between deployment-specific roles that pipelines assume and basic pipeline permissions.
  • Logs for all pipelines are located in a single account under Amazon CloudWatch.

For more information about CI/CD cross-account pipeline strategies, see Building a Secure Cross-Account Continuous Delivery Pipeline. In this post, we apply this strategy to deploying AWS Lambda-based APIs using the third-party Serverless Framework...

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