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DevOps GPT - A CloudOps Colleague

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Hey ya'll, I am a Sec Dev Ops Engineer and have been using AI prompts to assist me with a lot of tasks. I found this prompt to be the best for me in terms of clear and concise answers. Check out this DevOps GPT I created in ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-tXRU6PcBN-devops-gpt 

Additional resourceful GPTs for this community would be the Open Source Alternative Finder: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-48KnCx2hR-open-source-alternative

Would love to have your feedback!

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appreciate you sharing your experience with AI prompts and providing links to these GPTs. It's great to see how AI tools are being used to assist SecDevOps engineers and others in the DevOps community.

The ChatGPT prompt you linked to seems very helpful for getting clear and concise answers from AI. I'll definitely keep that in mind for future use.

The Open Source Alternative Finder GPT is also a valuable resource for identifying open-source alternatives to proprietary software. This can be extremely helpful for SecDevOps engineers who are looking for secure and cost-effective solutions.

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