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Using Generative AI, Amazon Bedrock and Amazon CodeGuru to Improve Code Quality and Security

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By using Generative AI, developers can leverage pre-trained foundation models to gain insights on their code’s structure, the CodeGuru Reviewer recommendation and the potential corrective actions. For example, Generative AI models can generate text content, e.g., to explain a technical concept such as SQL injection attacks or the correct use of a given library. Once the recommendation is well understood, the Generative AI model can be used to refactor the original code so that it complies with the recommendation. The possibilities opened up by Generative AI are numerous when it comes to improving code quality and security.

In this post, we will show how you can use CodeGuru Reviewer and Bedrock to improve the quality and security of your code. While CodeGuru Reviewer can provide automated code analysis and recommendations, Bedrock offers a low-friction environment that enables you to gain insights on the CodeGuru recommendations and to find creative ways to remediate your code...

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CodeCommit, CodeGuru and Bedrock used together
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