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How to break Large-Sized MS Outlook PST files into Smaller PST files?


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On today's PC, breaking up a large file into smaller ones is a major challenge. Outlook will occasionally halt and become stuck, leaving us helpless. I also ran into trouble, but I eventually went to PST file break program, which is quite useful. This program uses an approach that is simple to use. It supports both ANSI and UNICODE file formats. This program may be used on a PC with the lowest settings and is extremely quick. It supports MS Outlook and all versions of Windows. If you're using MS Outlook 2007 or a later version, the program has a 2GB restriction for ANSI and a 50 GB limit for Unicode. It safely holds all information, including contacts, calendar, notes, and journals, as well as the inbox, outbox, and deleted things. This software is divided into three categories: size, folder, and year. Commercial and individual versions of software are available.

Five steps to break large into small files:

  •  Install the application.
  • Click on browse button and select the file
  • Now select the year starting and ending years
  • Finally, click the "Split" button to start the splitting process.
  •  Therefore the software will break your file within few minutes
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