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Accelerating the mission with generative AI

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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to join public sector leaders to discuss a topic that is top of mind for everyone – generative AI. At our Generative AI Live + Labs event in Washington DC, we shared how this technology is already revolutionizing our lives in how we live and work. In government, this technology will help agencies accelerate mission outcomes and deliver services in entirely new ways. 

Many of our customers are already using AI to advance their missions.  For example, New York State is using AI to modernize its call center to deliver real-time answers and the City of Dearborn is using AI to improve access to information, making its website multilingual and citizen centric. At the NIH, Google is working with Deloitte to use AI to remove PII data from medical images so that machine learning models can be trained to improve healthcare outcomes.  

And now, with generative AI, we are at an inflection point of how quickly government can advance their operations and mission outcomes. Google has been a pioneer in AI, investing in research for years to support a trusted, proven application of AI to change citizen experience, employee effectiveness and operational efficiency at scale. 

How generative AI will help the public sector

  • Enabling government workers with creative assistance. With Duet AI for Google Workspace, government employees are armed with tools that expedite the content development process. This integrated creative assistant helps workers save time and maximize efficiencies through helping to visualize, organize and accelerate workflows. For instance, agencies can streamline the recruitment process, creating and refining job description information.

  • Automating and improving agency operations. Government agency leaders can use enterprise Search capabilities to help surface relevant information and generate insights. For example, government workers can use generative AI to build executive summaries, convert content into code, or create new reports that improve decision making, increase operational transparency and further drive mission impact.

  • Enhancing and personalizing citizen experiences. The government has an obligation to maximize the effectiveness of citizen services, which it can accomplish by reaching more people online with relevant and accessible content. With Vertex AI, constituents can obtain meaningful responses to their queries on government websites, in multiple languages, in real-time. For instance, this technology can help non-native English speakers more easily file their taxes. By offering language-tailored services, information becomes more accessible to people of all languages and abilities, empowering them to find what they need, when they need it.

Google’s approach to Responsible and Secure AI

We’re at a pivotal moment in the AI journey. It’s time to ensure that the benefits of AI are being realized by government. Google has always built technologies that are useful for the Enterprise with security, privacy and responsibility built in. As agencies begin developing and deploying generative AI for their mission, it is more important than ever to be aware of, and mitigate, the potential risks. 

Generative AI comes with its own set of unique challenges, which is why Google has been on the forefront of leading with responsible AI practices. Google was one of the first companies to implement AI principles and we have proactively built guardrails into our solutions and processes ever since. Google shares its responsible AI practices with the world, and remains dedicated to working with the AI community and our users to maximize the responsible use and application of AI. 

We believe that part of using generative AI responsibly means applying the technology to three of security’s toughest problems: threats, toil, and the talent gap. Agencies can embrace Google’s security AI innovations to help address their most pressing security challenges.

“Technology can create new threats, but it can also help us fight them,” Royal Hansen, vice president of Privacy, Safety, and Security Engineering at Google, said recently. “AI can often help counter the issues created by AI. It could even give security defenders the upper hand over attackers for the first time since the creation of the internet.”

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way that government agencies operate, making them more efficient, effective, and secure. Google Public Sector is here to help you get started. Sign up today to get started on your generative AI journey, where you will work with Google Cloud experts to address your challenges with use cases selected by considering relevant factors including policy, security and impact, and delivering an overall roadmap. Our world demands leadership; we must act collectively, collaboratively and comprehensively.

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