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How to Block Spam Calls on Android?

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Typically spam calls are used for multiple purposes like advertising, phishing, and spreading malware on devices. Spam includes all kinds of unwanted calls or messages and robo calls. Spam calls can damage sensitive data present on your device. To avoid spam calls we are going to discuss the following outlines.
  1. What Are Spam Calls?
  2. How to Block Spam Calls on Android?

How to Unblock Numbers on Your Android Phone How to Unblock Numbers Using Google Dialer

1. What Are Spam Calls?

Spam calls refer to unwanted and unsolicited communication, often used for malicious purposes, such as spreading malware or scams. Android provides users with the option to block these calls as a means of dealing with them.

2. How to Block Spam Calls on Android?

If you are getting a lot of spam calls on your device, and you don’t want them, you can block these calls by using the following ways.

  • Block Spam Calls Using Google Dialer
  • Block Spam Calls of a Contact

2.1. Block Spam Calls Using Google Dialer

Spam calls are annoying, and we are going to use Android Google Dialer to block these spam calls in the following steps.

Step 1: Open Dialer of Android

Initially, open the dialer by tapping the Phone or Headset icon on your device.


Step 2: Open Settings

Next, tap on the three-dot icon, so the dialer settings will open.


Step 3: Open Calls Settings

Next, select the Settings option from the pop-up and move to the next step.


Step 4: Open Caller ID and Spam

After that, select Caller ID and Spam option, so the new pop-up will display.


Step 5: Enable Necessary Options

Next, you will be given two or more options, depending on the Android version your phone has. Here we can either turn ON the filter for spam calls or only see the ID of spam calls to know who is calling us. To completely block spam calls, enable both options.


From the above-enabled option, your device will block all spam calls.

2.2. Block Spam Calls of a Contact

In this section, we will learn how to block spam caller IDs individually. For this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Select Caller ID

First, tap and hold the contact you want to block for a while so the popup will be shown on the screen. Select the Block/report spam option.


Step 2: Blocking Contact ID

Next, from the pop-up check the report option, and to block caller ID hit the Block option.


Here is the output shown in the below figure that you have successfully blocked caller ID, and now you will not receive any calls or messages from this number.


3. How to Unblock Numbers on Your Android Phone

If the user blocked the custom ID mistakenly or wants to know the reason for calling, he has to unblock the contact ID. Users can use the Unblock highlighted option shown below to remove the contact ID from the block list.


Here, using the Unblock option, the Contact ID is no longer restricted to calling you. Now you will receive calls and messages from this contact ID.


4. How to Unblock a Number Using Google Dialer

Some Android devices don’t have a direct option to unblock contact IDs, so for this, we can use Android Google Dialer to unblock contact IDs. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open Phone Dialer Settings
First, hit the three-dot icon from the top right side of the screen in the Google Dialer application.


Step 2: Open Settings
Next, go to Settings.


Step 3: Select the Blocked Numbers Section
After that, hit the Block number option, so the list of all blocked numbers will appear on the screen.


Here we will see a list of all block numbers, use a cross icon to remove the number from the block list. You can also add numbers to this block list.


For more security or to prevent spam calls, you can also enable the top shown unknown option, so all unknown numbers will not be able to disturb you.


Android’s latest smartphone’s spam and block calls feature helps to detect spam calls automatically once get enabled from the settings. Users can find these settings from the Google Dialer settings. You can also use an option available to block contact IDs individually. This article covers each step of blocking and unblocking a spam caller ID.

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