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How to Check FreeBSD Version

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Today’s tutorial is going to be about finding out the server version and patch number in FreeBSD.  The instructions in this tutorial are going to use the command line option and can be performed without root access.

We’re going to show you the two commands to obtain the FreeBSD operating system version details. If one doesn’t work out, you can try the other method. One is the FreeBSD-version command, which shows the FreeBSD version and patch number. While the other is the uname command, which displays the all-around system information with details.

Using the freebsd-version command to show version number in FreeBSD

Use the freebsd-version command to get the system to show the version and patch level of FreeBSD:

$ freebsd-version -k

Then use the command below:

$ freebsd-version -u


You’ll see a system being fixed by the CD:

$ mount -rt ufs /dev/ada0p2 /mnt


$ env ROOT=/mnt /mnt/bin/freebsd-version -ku


To see whether your system is using a 64-bit version or 32-bit version by typing in the command below:

$ getconf LONG_BIT


Using the uname command to see FreeBSD version

A command that universally works on every version of FreeBSD out there. To see the system details, type in the command below:

$ uname -a

$ uname -mrs



That’s it. That’s how you find out the patch number and version of your FreeBSD kernel.

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