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Best Peplink Routers

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Peplink is one of the trusted names in the networking industry, providing a wide selection of routers suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is particularly known for bonding technology, cellular connectivity, internet load balancing, and failover solutions. It is also popular for SpeedFusion, its patented technology that bonds multiple connections into a single connection, improving the speed and reliability of multi-WAN networks. Aside from the sought-after cellular routers, it has also developed wired and wireless SD-WAN routers that support multi-WAN connections. Customer convenience has always been Peplink’s priority, and to make device management accessible anywhere, they developed a cloud-based management platform, InControl2, specially created for Peplink and Pepwave devices.

There’s a long list of routers from this networking giant but take a look at five of the best below when it comes to features and performance.

Max HD2 Dome


The modular design and the weather-proof IP67 exterior with multiple mounting options make Max HD2 Dome mountable almost anywhere. It’s fairly easy to install, too, requiring only one Ethernet cable. Designed for vehicular deployments, this router has two embedded LTE modems, one CAT 6 and one CAT 12 for North America and two CAT 6 modems globally. It also comes with four SIM slots, two for each modem. It has the capability to combine the bandwidth from two cellular links through Pepwave’s Speedbonding service. Unlike most outdoor deployments, both the antenna and cellular radios are housed inside the dome itself, minimizing cable loss and maximizing signal quality.  There’s only one Ethernet port on the dome, but in case there’s another device to be connected, Peplink has included an Ethernet splitter. Additionally, it comes with complete VPN support – PepVPN/SpeedFusion Hot Failover/SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding, PPTP VPN Server, and IPSec VPN. Special features such as Load Balancing, Bonding, Band Lockind, Optional Remote SIM Injector are also included. The optional SIM Injector will triple the number of the dome’s SIM slots to 12 and is capable of PoE output, so there is no need to add another PoE for the deployment.

Balance 30 PRO


This router from Peplink’s Balance series has two WAN ports for wired connections, which, with its five load balancing algorithms, allow load balancing between two WAN connections. Load balancing is one of the key features of this router where the network traffic is distributed to different Internet links, and if one of the links fails, Peplink Balance automatically routes traffic to the healthy link ensuring continuous connectivity for all the users.

The router also has a USB WAN modem port that supports various 3G and 4G mobile broadband USB modems. It also supports the more advanced LTE-A and has an embedded 3G/4G. Moreover, it is equipped with two standard 2FF SIM slots for cellular connectivity. Balance 30 Pro can be set to automatically switch to another network when data overage occurs and for other similar cases. It has a PPTP VPN Server and IP Sec VPN functions, and a built-in DNS Server. It is a notch higher than the Balance 30 LTE with its Wi-Fi interface, LTE-A support, and support for as many as 60 users.

Balance 20X


Balance 20X is another router from the Balance series that offers a lot of features and flexibility. It is the first Peplink router that has an upgrade path to 5G. While it wasn’t an appealing option to mobile users before, the enhancements on the new Balance 20x includes several mobile-friendly features such as an integrated cellular modem, an expansion slot for a second modular modem, and USB tethering support for connecting via a phone or mobile hotspot. The integrated cellular modem can serve as a back-up in case the primary DSL or cable connection goes down, keeping the business up and connected all the time. The 20X has so much to offer for only $399, one of the best values for a router with integrated cellular capabilities.

Max BR1 MK2


The MAX BR1 MK2 is the updated version of the MAX BR1 classic with more advanced features than its predecessor. It’s flexible and versatile, offering redundant SIM slots with automatic switching, DC or terminal block power capability, advanced GPS fleet tracking, and remote management.[1] This mobile router can be set to automatically switch SIM cards, a convenient feature for those who frequently travel across borders, as there is no need to change SIM cards manually. The built-in GPS fleet tracking makes managing the mobile network easier together with Peplink’s InControl 2 cloud-based management platform. With its drop-in mode, it can be deployed in any existing network without reconfiguring the existing devices. It’s rugged and durable metal casing allows it to be deployed almost anywhere – in an office, a remote job site, a moving vehicle, you name it. In addition, it’s equipped with WAN Ethernet connectivity, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2×2 MIMO WiFi has a built-in Cat 6 LTE Advanced modem, and comes with complete VPN solutions.



Hailing from Peplink’s X-series, PDX is a rugged and portable multi-cellular router with support for 4x Gigabit LTE connections, which means up to four different cellular providers can be supported by this device. With the 4x Gigabit LTE connections, fast and reliable connectivity is guaranteed regardless of the site’s location. It’s also capable of integrating SpeedFusion Engines for more cellular connections and frequencies. Furthermore, it has eight 802.3 PoE ports and can deliver 802.11ac Wi-Fi. It’s also 5G-ready with the built-in modular cellular modem. With SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding and intelligent load balancing, customers can expect nothing but an outstanding performance from PDX. The waterproof enclosure, vibration-resistant certification, and a wide range of operating temperatures from -40C to 45C make this ruggedized router ideal for tough environments. With its built-in battery, PDX can operate for nine continuous hours independently. It also comes with multiple ports, two WAN ports, and seven LAN ports.

The five modems discussed here are just a fraction of what Peplink has to offer. Other modems may be more appealing, depending on the needs of the business. For more details on the Peplink products and services, visit their website at https://www.peplink.com/.


[1] Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 Router with Cat 6 LTE Advanced Modem, N.d. https://5gstore.com/product/7865_pepwave_max_br1_mk2.html Accessed 28 Nov 2020

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