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NICE DCV releases version 2020.2 with new session manager and performance enhancements for high frame rate interactive workloads


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We are pleased to announce the release of NICE DCV version 2020.2 with the following new features:

  • DCV Session Manager - It is an optional component that provides REST APIs to create and manage the lifecycle of a session across a fleet of DCV servers. It is available at no cost for AWS customers running DCV on Amazon EC2 instances and for on-prem customers with DCV Plus and DCV Professional Plus licenses.*
  • Improved support for high-frame rate use cases - DCV frame rate limiter is now set to 60 FPS, by default, for console sessions on servers and Amazon EC2 instances with an NVIDIA GPU. Furthermore, by enabling the new QUIC-based transport protocol, customers running high frame rate, highly dynamic workloads, such as gaming, can experience more fluid and responsive streaming quality, especially under sub-optimal network conditions.
  • Support for SLES 15 and Ubuntu 20.4 - Customers can now use DCV server and client components on SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 and Ubuntu 20.4 hosts.
  • Smart Card Redirection for Windows server - Applications running in a remote Windows session can now use smart cards connected to the customer's client machine. This feature was already available for Linux servers.

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