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MongoDB Field Level Encryption with HashiCorp Vault KMIP Secrets Engine


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Field level encryption (FLE) allows developers to selectively encrypt specific data fields. It helps protect sensitive data and enhances the security of communication between client apps and server. Pairing an FTE-capable database with a KMIP provider offers the highest level of security and control.

The Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) standard is a widely adopted approach to handle cryptographic workloads and secrets management for enterprise infrastructure such as databases, network storage, and virtual and physical servers. HashiCorp Vault, being a KMIP compliant Key Management Server (KMS), enables organizations to perform cryptographic operations for their apps and services.

With MongoDB releasing client-side field level encryption with KMIP support, customers are now able to use Vault’s KMIP secrets engine to supply the encryption keys. This allows customers to be in full control of their keys...

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