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GitKraken Client v8.5 - Azure DevOps Workspace Support


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Working together effectively with your team is critical to any mission, whether you're taking on the galactic empire or pushing code through your DevOps pipeline.

Helping teams of all sizes work faster and safer with Git has always been part of our mission at GitKraken, and now we've added support for Azure DevOps repos in Workspaces. Here are just a few highlights of this release: 

  • Workspaces for Azure DevOps - Group repos from Azure DevOps projects to share with teams.
  • Filter Workspace Pull Requests by Repo - easily find PRs opened by you or at risk, or search by repo.  
  • Share Workspaces with Specific Teams - sharing repos with the people who work on them has never been easier. 
  • GitKraken CLI Command for Interactive Rebase - use `gk rebase -i` or `gk rebase --interactive` to open the interactive rebase view for 2 refs.

The force has never been stronger for teams using GitKraken Client...



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