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Rapid cloud foundation buildout and workload deployment using Terraform


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Last year, we released the Cloud Foundation Toolkit, open source templates that help you quickly build a strong cloud foundation according to best practices. These modules are available for both the Terraform infrastructure-as-code framework, as well as our own Cloud Deployment Manager.

This blog post will detail building a secure cloud foundation using the Cloud Foundation Toolkit Terraform example foundation. From there, we will explore how to deploy a microservices demo application onto the foundation using Terraform. After reading this content, we hope you learn how to accomplish the following: 

  • Reduce the time required to build out an enterprise cloud foundation to less than one day following Google best practices

  • Use your cloud foundation by deploying a demo Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) workload onto the foundation using Terraform

  • Deploy a GKE cluster at the highest level of security based on Google expert recommendations (IAP with TCP forwarding bastion host)

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